Indonesian Folk Song - Sio Mama (O, Mama) Cover


The song Sio Mama was created by Melky Goeslaw. This song was once popularized by the singer Emilia Contessa, Nanaku, and the late Glenn Fredly. This song tells about the longing for an Ambonese child in overseas land and not seeing a mother in the village. The meaning of this song is when a child remembers the time when his mother held him lovingly while cooking sago, a typical Ambonese dish. here is lyrics and the meaning : b'rapa puluh tahun lalu several tens of years ago beta masih kacile when I was still a child beta inga tempo itu I remember that time Sio Mama gendong-gendong betae.. Mom always carries me sambil mama bakar sagu while mom grilled sago Mama manyanyi (Sio) bujuk-bujuk Mama sang lullabies la sampe basar bagini until I am grown up as it is today beta seng lupa Mama e… I won't forget mom Sio Mama e Mom.. beta rindu mau pulang'e I miss going home Sio Mama e Mom.. mama sulia… kurus lawange Mom looks very thin beta balom balas mama I haven't repaid your kindness yet Mama pung cape sio doloe all mom’s exhaustion Sio tete manise ee Oh, my God jaga beta pung mama ee.. take care of my mother *** _______________________________________________________ Never miss updates of our Acoustic Karaoke! Subscribe : You can also find us on Bandcamp : all rights belong to original artist and label sing along online to your favorite songs in acoustic style with AcoustiClub - karaoke and lyrics. #AcousticKaraoke